Units for industrial refrigeration

The industrial refrigeration industry is particularly large and diversified in different applications: medicine production process cooling, food storage in large cold rooms, refrigerated warehouses are some examples of industrial contexts where cooling is required.

Often industrial applications require "process temperatures" which also differ considerably from each other: in this context a careful study of the integration of thermal flows and a specific and accurate design of the unit are very important.

Tecno Refrigeration designs and manufactures medium and high power units suitable for industrial processes, with considerable differentiation and a high level of product customisation.

The Tecno Refrigeration range for industrial refrigeration consists of multi-compressor systems, even with cascade cycle and use of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant for the low temperature stage and low temperature fluid chillers with dissipation into air or water.

The ongoing commitment of the in-house research and development department is to respond accurately to customer requests with high-efficiency and technologically advanced solutions.

The refrigerants available are:

  • HFC: R134a, R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R507A;
  • HFO: R1234ze;
  • Natural: R744 (CO2)

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