Tecno Refrigeration was established in 1999 thanks many years of experience gained by the founders in the commercial refrigeration industry. Part of the Galletti Group since 2001, today it is a leading company specialised in the design and production of condensing units, refrigeration systems and low temperature glycol water coolers intended for supermarkets, storage and freezing cold rooms for the fresh produce, dairy and meat processing industry.

Within the company, each solution is developed and prototyped using the resources involved in the mechanical and electrical design departments. The range is strongly committed to product customisation according to specific customer requirements and the production departments work with craftsmanship care and attention.

These features have enabled Tecno Refrigeration to also approach niche areas over the years, such as air-conditioning for the naval and rail industry, contributing to the growth and development of the company.

The multiple cross-sector expertise gained over the years has enabled Tecno Refrigeration to develop refrigeration systems that can be combined completely with HVAC solutions, offering an integrated solution that is one of a kind.

Recent years have seen Tecno Refrigeration particularly active in research and development of products for refrigeration using low-GWP refrigerants, in line with the philosophy that the satisfaction of customer requirements, high energy efficiency and the low environmental impact must be essential features of the company products.

ISO 9001 certified company: 2008 TÜV Intercert Italia s.r.l.

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