Restaurants, bar, cafes

The production process of a restaurant consists of several stages, each with different and specific temperature and humidity requirements:

Tecno Refrigeration is able to develop solutions for each of the stages described, in a view to ensure the quality and reliability required. Through the expertise gained in decades of experience, Tecno Refrigeration offers solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of the customer (in terms of product, temperature, humidity, type of packaging, type of storage, etc.).

The overview of the entire production process and the need for any adjoining rooms is crucial for the simultaneous use of all positive and negative heat flows, which ensures real energy savings:

  • storage of raw materials at positive or negative temperatures and with particular specific humidity requirements
  • blast chilling and freezing with cycles configured according to the type of product in order to ensure rapidity while preserving quality and increasing the product shelf life
  • food freezing (meat, fish or other frozen products)
  • preservation of the finished product in cabinets and positive and negative temperature cold rooms with the right humidity
  • suction through extraction hoods and air treatment systems
    • air conditioning in manned areas (offices, meeting rooms, bathrooms, etc.): the integration of refrigeration with air conditioning leads to clear benefits in terms of investment and energy savings
    • heat recovery: condensation heat, usually discarded, can be used to heat water for various purposes (domestic hot water, heating, dishwasher, etc.).
    • sanitisation: it is crucial for the ambient air treatment devices to ensure an ideal level of sanitisation, in order to prevent bacterial contamination of foodstuffs
Restaurants, bars, cafes

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