Units for commercial refrigeration

The term "commercial refrigeration" refers to cooling capacity generation the for storage of food in discount shops and small supermarkets, hypermarkets, megastores and shopping malls.

The thermal demand in applications of this type is usually divided into:

    refrigerated cabinets for the storage of fresh products at positive temperature (+2 ÷ +4°C);
    freezers for the storage of frozen products at negative temperature (-15 ÷ -30°C);

Tecno Refrigeration meets the requirements of commercial refrigeration with a considerable differentiation and high level of product customisation. The range, based on the use of screw, semi-hermetic reciprocating or scroll compressors, consists of:

  • compact compression units for shops;
  • condensing units;
  • multi-compressor systems for high thermal demands.

The refrigerants available are:

  • HFC: R134a, R404A, R407A, R407C, R407F, R507A;
  • HFO: R1234ze;
  • Natural: R744 (CO2)

The multi-compressor systems are also available in "thermal cascade" configuration, which increases the overall efficiency of the combined TN cycle + BT cycle. For the BT stage, the use of CO2 as the refrigerant in the subcritical cycle, i.e. at reduced operating pressures, is particularly advantageous. Carbon dioxide, as well as not being harmful to the environment, is not subject to limitations by the recent F-Directive Gas or to refrigerant taxation, applied by some European countries.

This type of application is expressly "one way", i.e. the request is solely for cooling. In a broader plant context, Tecno Refrigeration offers customised solutions for the recovery of condensation heat, normally discarded, with re-use for various purposes (for example air conditioning), ensuring considerable savings in the costs for running the entire shop.

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